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Nibs and Nib Holders, Fountain Pens

Slanchogled Sofia and Varna art stores offer a wide range of nibs for writing and drawing and fountains pens for use with inks.

There is a style of calligraphy that has been gaining popularity lately - namely "hand lettering" or writing with a brush pen with a flexible soft tip which makes it possible to make a line with a dynamic width, with a smooth transition between the two thicknesses.

Slanchogled also offers brushes and nibs for calligraphy, a wide range of fountain pens for writing and drawing, as well as calligraphy sets for both beginners and artists.

Besides the traditional western calligraphy tools, we offer a selection of Chinese brushes for Chinese and Japanese calligraphy.

One of our best fountain pens is the Pilot Parallel Pen, which is unique in the fact that it can be used by both left-handed as well as right-handed people, with no problems, whereas most other fountain pens and nibs bend irrecoverably when used with the left hand.


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Slanchogled Calligraphy Set Nib Holder with 2 Nibs

A wooden pen with 2 nibs fit for drawing, sketching and writing.

Suitable for thin lines with liquid paints: inks as well as acrylic paints. Also used for nail art and commonly called a nail fineliner.


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Oblique Pen Calligraphi Kit Sinoart


5 Wooden Pen handle for a comfortable grip

5 anime nibs - ideal for cartoonists and artists, calligraphy, poster making, cartooning, lettering, sketching, mapping


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Slanchogled Calligraphy Bamboo Pen set

3 hand-crafted bamboo sketching pen

Especially used for calligraphy writing 

Perfect for black-ink line drawing using Chinese Calligraphy Black Ink 


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Wooden Nib Holder : D.K.ART CRAFT : Set with 1 Nib

The wooden nib holder with nib set is a convenient instrument, popular for both drawing and writing. The tip of the nib holder has a circular opening, in which the nibs can be placed with light pressure and be pulled out with a slight pull.

It is suitable for nibs with different widths.

Suitable for students and beginners.


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Manuscript Nib 518 - Lithographic

Литографското перце No. 518 е с изключително мек и много гъвкав връх. Идеален за рисуване и детайлна работа.

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