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Soft Pastels

Soft pastels are reminiscent of coloured charcoal. When rubbed the fine pigment particles blend to produce a secondary colour on the paper sheet.

Often used on roughly-textured paper with some cotton content, which retains the coloured dust and makes it easier to blend it without ripping through the sheet.

Soft pastels and pastel pencils are available at our Slanchogled Sofia and Varna art stores in a wide and precise range of 72 colours.

Popular among portrait and landscape artists.



Silicon Colour Shapers : Clay Shapers : Set of 5

​A set of 5 silicone art brushes with different tip shapes suitable for:

  • detailed shaping work when working with plastic materials like air-drying and polymer clay
  • blending and mixing colours when working with oil pastels and coloured pencils
  • applying masking fluid when working with watercolour paints
  • nail art

The brushes are made from a material which doesn't absorb paints and is easily cleaned with washing liquid or alcohol.


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