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Fabric Paints and Dyes

The fabric paints available in the Slanchogled Sofia, Varna and Online art stores are separated in two main types:

  • fabric dyes

Fashion Colour by Marabu is a fine powder dye it is made for use in the mashing machine (for cotton clothes) or in a water basin (the better choice when dyeing textile shoes or silk).

This paint is suitable for renewing faded old clothes (the black is intense and lightfast), as well as changing colours keep in mind that when dyeing coloured clothes a secondary colour will be created.

For example, if we have a yellow dress and we want to make it green, we will need blue paint, because when yellow and blue are mixed they produce green. Any patterns on the fabric will remain unchanged and will be renewed in the new colour.

Marabu Fashion Colour paints for dyeing can also be used for the batik technique where parts of the fabric are protected from dyeing with melted wax (either bee wax or paraffin). They can also be used for tie-dye (for more information on tie-dye click here).

  • paints for painting on fabric - they come in different packaging mediums like markers, jars or spray

Marabu Fabric paints are water-based acrylic. The only difference between traditional acrylics and these paints is that this paint has an additive that makes it more flexible which helps it adhere to clothes and prevents them from cracking when they are machine washed.

Acrylic paints are water-soluble but after drying they are water-proof and permanent. There are some acrylic paints in tubes that have good flexibility and plasticity, namely the System 3 series by Daler-Rowney; which are popular for screen printing and fabric painting when larger quantities are required for a better price.

Before painting on or dyeing fabrics and textiles, make sure they are clean and dust-free.

Most brand-new fabrics have a protective coat to protect them from moulding during transit, which prevents the paint from adhering to the fibres. 

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