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Dried Flowers and Herbs

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Dried Lavender Bunch

Aromatic twigs of Bulgarian oil-bearing lavender, tied in bunches of 100 to 125 stems, with a length of between 30 and 40 cm.

The dried lavender, available in Slanchogled is collected with a sickle and tied in bunches dried in an open front shed. The drying can take between 110 and 20 days depending on the atmospheric conditions.

Air-dried lavender keeps the dry flowers attached for a longer time compared to machine-dried lavender.

The lavender twigs can be useful when making flower arrangements, crafting flowery decoration wreaths, soaps and candles or small wedding favours. They are also wonderful simply placed in a glass jar or cup.

When stored in a dark place away from direct sunlight, the flowers keep their colour and scent from 6 up to 12 months.

The lavender can also be useful as an element when making hand-made greeting cards or scrapbook albums.


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Dried Yarrow : Achillea Millefolium

  • the small twigs are reminiscent of broadleaved trees after pruning
  • a good addition to scale models, dioramas and mini gardens

In the last few years, achillea or yarrow has gained popularity as the new super plant in decorative gardening.

Originating in Chile, like most plants from that region it is well adapted to the ongoing climate change.

It can endure both long periods of drought as well as floods.

It thrives mainly in nutrient-poor soils and has a long flowering period.

Our herbs are all grown in a Bulgarian region called the Rose Valley, they start to bloom at the end of April and retains their colour until the end of October, proving a corridor for the bee population.

The imagery of achillea (yarrow), as well as angelica (wild celery or root of the holy ghost), have gained popularity in the last few as a result of these qualities of the plants.

The dried St John's wort, available in Slanchogled is self-seeded and wild, collected with a sickle and tied in bunches dried in an open front shed.

Suitable for teas and concoctions.


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Cinnamon Bark Sticks : 10 cm Length

A bundle of cassia ( Chinese cinnamon ) sticks with a length of 10 cm.  

Apart from being a popular spice, the beautiful cinnamon sticks can be used when making Christmas decorations, as ornamental elements when wrapping gifts or in flower arrangements, they can also be used when working on models or mini gardens.

The cinnamon from the cassia subspecies has strong sticks and can be cut to size using a small knife.

Slanchogled provides the small brown sticks in a bundle of 3 pieces wrapped with a paper strip, a package of 1 kg, which depending on the thickness of the sticks can contain around 110 or 130 pieces.


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