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Plain Coloured Card


Fabriano Accademia : Drawing Paper : 200 gsm : Roll : 1.5 x 10 m

The Accademia series of paper by Fabriano is made from high-quality acid-free cellulose, which guarantees the preserving of colours over time.

It is treated while it is still pulp and the paper is resistant to repeated rubbing with a rubber. It is suitable for students and professional artists, for sketching, graphical illustrations and drawing with pencils, charcoal, pastels, coloured pencils and ink.

The Accademia card is 200 gsm thick and is suitable for gouache paints.

Fabriano Accademia is available in big sheets of 100 x 70 cm and rolls of 10 metres with thicknesses of 120 gsm and 200 gsm.


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