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Kids Pencils and Erasers

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Coloured Pencils Brunnen : Dinos : Set of 12

Wide coloured pencils with an ergonomic triangular shape, made by Brunnen Germany for drawing and colouring in school and at home.

Each pencil has a dinosaur-themed wrap and can be cleanly and effortlessly sharpened with a wide sharpener.

Colours in this set include yellow, pastel pink, orange, red, pink, violet, light and dark blue, light and dark green, brown and black.

The "Age of Dinosaurs" series by Brunnen includes brushes, notebooks and folders suitable for boys and girls.


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Coloured Pencils : Brunnen : Set of 4 Neon Colours

This set of 4 neon-coloured pencils for drawing, colouring and highlighting includes the following colours: yellow, pink, orange and green.

The case, as well as the wood of the pencil, are black - which makes the neon tip of the pencil stand out more.

Suitable for writing and drawing on white, as well as black cards.

length of the pencils: 18 cm


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Novelty Pencil : Brunnen : HB : Rainbow

A HB rated graphite pencil with a case made of several layer of paper, made by Brunnen Germany.

Available in 4 different case colours, all pencils have a graphite core.

The pencils is easy to sharpen using a sharpener, creating multicoloured fillings.

It is a good present for children and kids, pencil collectors or anyone who likes drawing. It brings colour and happiness to pencil cases and office desks.


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