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Kids Pencils and Erasers


Polymer Clay Set Knorr Prandell Kneading and Erasing 6 Fun

  • 20 g
  • black
  • for crafting erasers
  • oven-hardening at 125 °C, approx. 30 minutes
  • for refilling the Craft Sets or realising your own creative ideas.

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Knorr Prandell : Polymer Clay : Kneading and Erasing : Set of 6 Colours : Neon

A set of polymer clay blocks which can be used as erasers, a part of the Kneading and Erasing series by the German hobby and craft materials manufacturer Knorr Prandell.

The set includes 4 fluorescent and 2 glow in the dark blocks of polymer clay.

​It works similar to Fimo polymer clay first, it is modelled and shaped afterwards, it should be baked in a household oven at 125 °C for about 30 minutes.

The difference between this polymer clay and most others is that it can be used as an eraser for black pencils once it has set.

Available in single pieces or in sets with instructions on how to make different shapes of rubber erasers. It is a good present for creative children over 8 years old.


In stock

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