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All Purpose Glue

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Clear All Purpose Glue Knorr Prandell 50 ml


suitable for glueing paper, cardboard, wood, felt, styrofoam, etc.

high adhesive strength

Solvent-based glue for universal use,

waterproof, heat and cold resistant


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Clear All Purpose Glue : Hobby : 100 ml

Strong, transparent water-based glue for paper, card, felt, cork, leather and styrofoam.

How to use:

For porous surfaces apply a thin layer onto one of the clean surfaces, then strongly press them together and wait for the glue to dry.

For less absorbent surfaces apply a thin layer onto both sides which will be adhered.

Unwanted residue can be cleaned with warm water and detergent.


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Elastic Leather, Fabric and Felt Glue : White : Dries Clear : 100 ml

White fast-drying water-based glue, water-resistant after drying. It dies clear forming an elastic non-flammable layer.

How to use: Apply a layer to both surfaces and leave for a short while to dry. Then strongly press the two surfaces together.

Application: stick paper, card, cork, wood, styrofoam, leather, textile and light plastics.

Unwanted residue can be cleaned with warm water and detergent.


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Henkel : Moment Universal Classic : All Purpose Glue

This strong all-purpose contact Moment Universal Classic glue is easy to apply and suitable for wood, leather, metal, plastic, rubber, cork, glass and hard PVC. It can be used on large and small surfaces as its open time is long.

It is most suited for indoor work and works on all materials besides PE and PP. Temperature resistant and elastic after drying

How to use:

  • Best results are achieved when used on clean, dry and dust-free surfaces. Evening out any coarseness will ensure better adhesion.
  • First, apply a thin layer of glue to both surfaces. Wait 10-15 minutes for the adhesive layer to evaporate.
  • After the glue is touch dry on both sides press the two surfaces together strongly.

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