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Round Watercolour Brush Rosa Kolos : 3007R Classic Kolinsky

A round painting brush with organic Russian sable hair.

Soft and elastic the brush is suitable for all types of painting and is a very good asset for gouache and watercolour painting.

The brush can make even lines or lines with a changing width. Suitable for detailed work.


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Da Vinci Nova Series 1570 Watercolour Brushes

Da Vinci Nova Series 1570 Watercolour Brushes are ideal for watercolour and also for acrylic, oil and gouache painting.

They have high elasticity, good ink receptivity and universal application.

Da Vinci Nova Series 1570 Watercolour Brushes have extra-fine golden synthetic fibres and fine tips.

They are easy to clean and retain their shape so have a long life span.

These bruushes have short, green lacquered handles and seamless silver ferrules.


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Da Vinci brush 36 red sable

Da Vinci е немски производител на четки, които и до днес се сглобяват ръчно в Нюрнберг, Германия. Da Vinci съчетават иновативни технологии при избор на влакната за четките и безкопромисно качество при сглобяването им.

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Rosa Kolos Synthetic Brush Set 5 pcs

Synthetic brush set with short plastic handles.

Suitable for painting with acrylics, gouach, oil and water colours.


Round brushes: № 3/0, № 1, № 5

Flat Brushes: № 4, № 5/8


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Rosa Kolos : Silicon Colour Shapers : Clay Shapers : Set of 5

A set of 5 silicone art brushes with different tip shapes suitable for:

  • detailed shaping work when working with plastic materials like air-drying and polymer clay
  • blending and mixing colours when working with oil pastels and coloured pencils
  • applying masking fluid when working with watercolour paints
  • nail art

The brushes are made from a material which doesn't absorb paints and is easily cleaned with washing liquid or alcohol.


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