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Sets of gouache paints in tubes and jars. Often called tempera or poster paints they are the popular thick, opaque paint which we all know and love form the art classes in school. They are easily dissolved with water, just like acrylic paints, the main difference is that gouache paints are easily washed off with water.

Their opaque colours make them suitable for painting on dark surfaces, these paints can be mixed on a white palette and layered onto card, with each successive layer completely covering the layer underneath.

Gouache paints have a thick cream like viscosity and can be applied with bristle brushes or artists knives.

Gouache paints in jars by Royal Talens Netherlands and Rosa Ukraine, with the ready availability of a wide range of colours.

The reason behind the different pricing of gouache paints is the quality of the pigments used. To achieve a higher degree of lightfastness, manufacturers use higher quality and more finely ground pigments.

Student grade gouache paints usually change their colours while drying, while the professional series of gouache paints keep their colour and consistency for long years.