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Slanchogled Sofia, Varna and Online art stores offer students pencil cases.

The student pencil cases from the German manufacturer Brunnen have turned into a synonym of quality. Made from the best materials, they protect the tips of pencils and the combination of modern colours and designs is delightful to look at. They are also machine washable and padded to stay in the same shape.

A convenient addition to gifts for both young and old artists, apt for storing sharpened pencils, erasers, sharpeners, fineliners and markers.

The pencil case/wrap by Derwent is rollable. It allows you to arrange pencils in a colour range by tone, to make it easier to find the colour you are searching for.

Slanchogled also has a steady availability of unicolour affordable pencil cases suitable for drawing on with textile paints and Posca acrylic marker pens.