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Sketchbook heavy grain 250g 20 sheets

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The Тintoretto series Gesso is made by Fedrigoni in Italy. It is FSC Mix certified which means the material for the paper is responsibly sourced.
The paper is suitable for students and beginners due to their affordable price. The texture has slight depressions likewise to professional watercolour papers with the exception that they are not cold pressed but felt molded.
The paper is made on a big machine made up of a lot of cylinders that flatten and stretch it and towards the end of the process the paper unlike regular printer paper is molded with felt. It is also sized so it can be printed on and so the paint can look more luminous due to it remaining off of the higher grains.
Thickness wise the paper is similar to higher classes of watercolour papers making it suitable to work with washes and other watercolour techniques such as layering. Although as with some other papers you will need to stretch it before a heavy coat of water so it doesn’t warp or buckle.
Stretching is done by taping the sheet to a board wetting it taking it off the board and then sticking it back so it can stretch.
It is suitable for all watercolour media including pencils and water-soluble media such as inks and sticks. It is made of 100% cellulose and is acid free making it useful for long term projects and even exhibition works as the colour won’t fade over time.
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Sketchbook  heavy grain 250g 20 sheets
Sketchbook  heavy grain 250g 20 sheetsSketchbook  heavy grain 250g 20 sheetsSketchbook  heavy grain 250g 20 sheetsСкицник лепен с мукава Тинторето 25*35 cm 250 g 20Скицник лепен с мукава Тинторето 250  грама
Contains: 20 sheets

Weight of the paper: 250 gsm (150 lbs)

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