The Slanchogled Affiliate program allows artists and crafters on the social medias to earn commission on some of our sales by sharing links to products or categories on our website. It is easy to use and doesn’t require technical knowledge to use.

When a customer clicks on the shared links and orders something the affiliated partner receives a 5% commission from the sum of the order.

The customers that use the link receive 10% off from their first order from our website.

How does it work?

While signing up for our website please inform us of your website, blog or social media where you share about arts and crafts.

We will then activate your partners’ profile and contact you to specify the many possibilities for banners and specific text links that can be used.

When a fellow artist, a reader on your blog or a follower clicks on the link our system tracks their behaviour and activities (on the website of course) and accumulates the orders and their sums on the partner’s user account.

Our affiliates can check the sums of the orders when they log in with their user account.

How and when do I receive the accumulated sum? 

The 5% commission for the sales, generated by the link is paid out at the end of every month or when the minimal 30 BGN limit is reached, it is transferred into the bank account specified by the partner. Please be aware that commissions are only generated when another profile uses the link, rather than your own. The commission is paid according to a fee account from the Bulgarian tax and social security legislation.

Slanchogled – Art, Hobby and Craft Supplies LTD reserves the right to make changes to the terms of the Affiliate Program.

Registration form for Affiliates


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