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Kids Pencils and Erasers


Primo Coloured Pencils : Set of 12 Pencils

A set of 12 pencils in different colours for drawing and colouring on paper from the children's Primo series by the Italian manufacturer Morocolor.

The varnished case of the pencils has a hexagonal shape and the diameter of the core is 2.9 mm.

The colours are bright and saturated, pencil marks can be covered with a different colour making them easy to blend.


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Primo Coloured Pencils : Set of 6 : Metallic Shades

A set of 6 metallic colour pencils with a hexagonal case, they leave a glimmering mark on both white and black card.

These pencils from the Minabella Primo series by the Italian children's art materials manufacturer Morocolor, have a thick core with high pigment concentration and a diameter of 3.8 mm, the colours are saturated and can be blended and layered on the sheet to mix them.


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