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Glass Seed Beads, Wire and Clasps Set : Ø 2.5 mm : Translucent

A set of 15 different colours of translucent seed beads with a 2.5 mm diameter. The set also contains a 2.5 m long roll of cord with a 0.35 mm diameter for stringing and knitting, 3 carabiner clasps and 3 screw fasteners in gold and silver.

The set of beads from Knorr Prandell Germany is organized in small easy to store vials, and can be useful for:

  • making jewellery, knitting, sewing: bracelets and necklaces
  • stamens when making paper and cloth flowers
  • creating ornamental flowers hearts, snowflakes and Christmas stars
  • the making of a bonsai tree from beads

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