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Derwent Inktense Permanent Watercolour Pencils, Set of 24, Professional Quality

A 24 pencil set of vivid and bright, highly pigmented water soluble pencils.

  • 24 pencil tin
  • A more vivid alternative to watercolour pencils
  • Can be used dry as well as blended with water
  • Fast drying

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Derwent Graphitint Pencil Sets 24 Colours - Earthy Palette

The precision and control of graphite, now with a touch of colour:

Professional quality graphite pencils in a range of subtle shades.

Perfect for professional artists and amateurs of all ages.

Ideal for sketching landscapes thanks to earthy palette.

Smooth texture for easy blending, smudging and layering. 

Watersoluble: Use dry or add water for richer, more vibrant colour.


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Derwent Artist Colouring Pencils : Set of 24

The soft professional colour pencils with a slightly waxy texture from the Artist series by British pencil manufacturer Derwent are the first series put out by Derwent and are still the most popular choice on the market.

Artists has a traditional round case with a deep aquamarine colour and durable wide core suitable for solid lines as well as expressive and free drawings.

The slightly waxy consistency of the Artists series allows for blending and layering on paper to achieve secondary tones and shades, as well as making it easier to achieve an even colour. For detailed work, they can be combined with the Studio series.


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Derwent Coloured Drawing Pencils, Set of 24

Professional quality coloured drawing pencils in a range of naturalistic shades.

  • round 8ply pencil (8mm diameter) with a 5mm strip.
  • earthy colours ideal for nature and wildlife drawings as well as portraits
  • easy to blend and shade thanks to soft, creamy texture
  • highly lightfast
  • easy-to-grip round barrels
  • fit standard pencil sharpeners

Soft creamy texture provides a smooth velvety lay down.

Tin of 24 pencils containing: Light Sienna, Solway Blue, Ink Blue, Smoke Blue, Pale Cedar, Green Shadow, Crag Green, Olive Earth, Warm Earth, Brown Ochre, Wheat, Yellow Ochre, Sepia Red, Mars Orange, Sangiune, Venetian Red, Teracotta, Mars Violet, Ruby Earth, Chocolate, Ivory Black, Warm Grey, Cool Grey and Chinese White.


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Derwent Pastel Pencil Tin Set of 24

A set of 24 Derwent Pastel Pencils. Coloured pencils with an easy to blend, chalk finish.

  • This Derwent Pastel Pencil Tin contains the full range of 24 colours available.
  • Highly pigmented
  • Easily blended
  • Ideal for creating crisp, fine lines and detailed pastel studies
  • Can be blended with water to create light washes
  • Minimal dust

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Derwent Coloursoft Colouring Pencils, Set of 24, Professional Quality

Derwent Coloursoft is a range of velvety smooth soft colour pencils.

They can be mixed and blended to create an infinite spectrum of rich, vibrant colour.

Ideal for a wide range of drawing styles, from finely detailed illustrations to bold contemporary still life and portraiture.

These pencils are perfect if you like a soft textured pencil, which allows you to lay down solid blocks of stunning colour or build up layer upon layer of deep luscious hues.


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Derwent Studio Pencils : Set of 24

  • 3.5 mm core
  • sharpens to a fine point for controlled work and finely detailed illustrations
  • hexagonal barrel makes pencil easy to grip
  • colours are blendable and can be superimposed again and again
  • sharpens to a fine, long-lasting point that won't crumble during use 

Ideal for detailed illustrations, technical drawings and commercial work.

Slightly waxy texture for easy blending, layering and shading.

Also suitable for drawing on coloured paper (including black)

Attractive tin with removable lid for easy access to pencils.


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Derwent Watercolour Drawing Pencils Tin of 24

A tin of 24 artists’ quality, water-soluble pencils by Derwent.

An alternative to watercolour paints.

  • easy to mix
  • water soluble
  • easy to blend an layer when dry
  • easy to sharpen
  • break-resistant
  • 3.4 mm core and hexagonal barrel

Use a wetted pencil tip to create rich textured lines or use dampened paper to obtain bright colours with soft edges.

Pigment transfers to paper quickly due to a softer formulation. This helps with blending and layering, creating a range of effects from bold colours to delicate watercolour washes.

As the pigment is not permanent, you can use water to move and adjust colours, even after it has dried. 


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