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Glitter Powder 1kg Yellow Gold

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Small sparkly acrylic glitter particles, widely used for paper and card decoration, nail art ( manicure ), Christmas decorations for cones and wreaths, also suitable as a supplement for latex when wall painting. 
The glitter powder for decoration from Slanchogled is available in two packs: a small glass vial containing 20 grams and wholesale of a 1 kg bag.

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Glitter Powder 1kg Yellow Gold
Glitter Powder 1kg Yellow Gold
What glues can be used to stick glitter?
We select a glue depending on:
the surface we want to stick it to, whether it be: absorbent (paper, card, raw/unpainted wood) or smooth/non-absorbent (clear PVC sheet, glass, nails, metal)
what we want the result to look like: clear straight lines or a messier borderless line.
what the item will be used for after that: will it be touched often or will it be presented without being touched too often.
decorative application on absorbent surfaces (we don’t expect them to be touched too often)
Wide double-sided adhesive tape is suitable for a uniform background of glitter on paper. For example, a photo background which wouldn’t be touched too often.
Double-sided tape will be handy once again for making a frame, outlining an image on a card (seasonal decoration). 
To write a glittering message on a card, “Happy Holidays” for example, we can use a glue pen or liquid glue with an applicator (a nozzle that allows us greater control over the amount of glue that comes out); our attempt showed us that sometimes the glue comes out in a big blob here and there making an unwanted spot so the better option is to pour glue into a palette and apply with a brush.
permanent application to non-absorbent surfaces (presuming they will be touched often)
If for example, you’ve chosen to decorate a porcelain cup, which will be used and washed often, the clear glue/varnish for decoupage on porcelain can be used.
First, apply the glue, then sprinkle glitter powder, let it rest for 24 hours after which we apply a second protective layer over it with the varnish.
The rule here is that we choose the glue so it is compatible with the base onto which we’ll be applying the glitter, after which we apply the protective lacquer so we avoid the powder either rubbing off or just falling off of your project.


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